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Reading Notes

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Book Club Notes for The House of Secrets: Julia’s Story by J Mary Masters

Book Summary

The House of Secrets: Julia’s Story by J Mary Masters is the first book in the Belleville family trilogy. It is the unforgettable story of a family, the secrets they hide from one another and the betrayals of trust that finally each of them must face.

The story begins in Australia in 1942 against the backdrop of a world at war. The children of the Belleville family – Richard, William and Julia – have just come to adulthood. They are ruled by matriarch Elizabeth Belleville, whose husband Francis proves to be a disappointment. 

For each of them, especially Julia, the events that unfold are life changing. For each of them, the revelations as they unfold are profound. And there is one long buried betrayal that will haunt all their lives.

Book Club Notes for To Love, Honour & Betray coming soon.

About the Author

J Mary Masters (Judith) grew up in a family of four children in the rural areas of central Queensland, Australia, where her father was, firstly, a farmer and later a grazier. She is a first time author with The House of Secrets: Julia’s Story.

Book 2 of the Belleville family trilogy To Love, Honour & Betray is now available and book 3 Return to Prior Park is planned for 2018.

She is currently a magazine publisher with Sydney-based Yaffa Media but will retire to pursue her writing career full time at the end of 2017. She lives in Brisbane with her husband Peter. 

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