• Judith M Masters

Oops ….. I tweeted about submarines today …. except I did it in the wrong Twitter accoun

The crew of HMAS Waller prepare to come alongside Fleet Base West, on their arrival home from a five month deployment.

I couldn’t believe the blooper I made today. Without thinking, I tweeted about a submarine story that we were running in our newsletter ….. except I didn’t check to see which account I was logged into.

I must confess it was my ‘writing’ persona – J Mary Masters that I was logged into – where I tweet about anything to do with books and writing.

Next time I will check to make sure I’m in the right Twitter account – my real life, professional, publishing role in Australian military and business circles where we write about the procurement of capability for the Australian Defence Force.

The tweet didn’t last long – but it is a salutary lesson isn’t it?

I won’t be writing a novel about submarines, by the way. The submarine pictured is one of 6 Collins Class submarines in the RAN fleet.