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My attention has been on other matters for a few months, not my writing career. Even so, I have been organising a few things to promote my first book ….. The House of Secrets: Julia’s Story.

Having decided the mainstream publishers don’t know what they are missing (in other words, no big money offers came my way), I’ve published the book myself under our own imprint PMA Books – – and on – so there are now copies filtering through the bookstores and libraries in Australia.

This won’t make me a bundle of money, but I have the immense satisfaction of seeing my book in store ….. and I’ve been invited to library talks, the first one next week in my old home town of Rockhampton (well, birth town anyway). It is so appropriate as this is the setting for much of the book, although the town has another name in my book. Some of the locations are real though ……

Those with sharp eyes will spot the stack of my book at My Humble Abode bookstore in Brisbane.

So join me on this adventure trail of launching my first book and my writing career. I’ve been encouraged by the feedback of early readers of my book.

Oh, and by the way, I’ve promised to have book 2 published in 2016. And book 3 in 2017. All while pursuing my day job of publishing magazines.

To all those authors on the same journey as I am undertaking, I wish you the best of luck too ……

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