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Life imitates art … or is it the other way around?

Life imitates art - well, my book cover

Life imitates art – well, my book cover

I looked at these flowers this morning in my living room and realised just how closely they resembled the image I used on the ‘new and improved’ cover of my first novel – The House of Secrets: Julia’s Story. I bought them at the local farmers’ market on the weekend. Roses are so beautiful.

What I want to know is  – how do you combine a full time career – I’m a publisher of magazines for Yaffa Media – with the burning desire to get out there and promote my book and be a full time writer! Any ideas! Neglect my poor husband maybe? Don’t cook dinner and send out for pizza instead – we haven’t done that in years!

A couple of reviews have been posted on and on – very positive. I was so delighted really because as a first time novelist, I need the feedback to tell me I’ve written something worthwhile. Now I know I have to do book 2 and book 3, because it will take that long to tell the whole story.

All advice welcome as to how to balance the two worlds……..

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