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More tiny steps for this novelist …


The local regional library invited me to participate in their ‘local author day’. I qualified, not because I live there now, but I was born there back around the dawn of time (well, not actually but it sometimes feels like it).

Australian towns and cities and even smaller communities have a wonderful network of publicly-funded local libraries and bless them, they are buying my book for their readers. Yeah!

Rocky, of course, is heavily featured in my book – although not by name. Some of the places are real – St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral (my sister got married there with me trailing behind as a 12 year old), the Criterion Hotel (we had my sister’s engagement party there), and the hospital (I was born there).

It’s fun including real places in a fictional story. I find it helps ground the events and ideas.

I’ve co-opted at least one of my cousins to put in an appearance at the library so at least I’ll have a friendly face in what I hope is a crowd.

I’ll let you know how it goes ……

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