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My book is FREE on Kindle …. but hurry or you’ll miss it

Poinciana in full flower in the street where I live

Poinciana in full flower in the street where I live

Are you an e-book reader? I’m not especially wedded to the format although I have the Kobo and Kindle APPS on my iPad. I know it is convenient particularly for commuters so I’ve released THE HOUSE OF SECRETS on Kindle and it’s FREE to download for a short period …. just a few more days. I hope if you like it you’ll tell me. If you don’t think my book is any good, we can all be very grown up about it.

Very soon I’m going to start posting some photographs of places and things that inspired me to write it.

For example, in the book I described the gift Julia receives from Catherine on her wedding day. Ha, ha – you’ve got to read the book now and find out what it is …. but I have the very thing in my possession and it dates from 1942 … I won’t say more until I post the photo, except to say that it belonged to my aunt, my mother’s younger sister. Oh, and yes, my mother was an inspiration for one of the characters in my book. 

I’m posting a picture of a Poinciana tree in full bloom in our street late last year – the tree isn’t a native of Australia but it does very well in my home town of Brisbane. I’m posting this picture for no other reason than the beauty of a tree. I love trees!

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