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The hard graft begins: my hairdresser is stocking my book!

So, I’m getting seriously stuck in to getting my book The House of Secrets, Julia’s Story out and about and in the hands of readers – and reassuring those who have read it that the next book is well and truly under way.

I was thinking about it just now. I have to say there are many parallels between establishing a successful magazine and getting my first novel out there in the hands of the reading public.

Back in the early 1990s I had an idea for a magazine in the defence business sector in Australia – it took me a few years to get it established but today it is the market leader in its field. We publish monthly with weekly premium newsletters and a directory of suppliers plus host four major conferences a year. But I remember the early days when everyone was very discouraging and said ‘it won’t work’, ‘we don’t need what you’re offering’ etc etc. Only I believed.

I thought: well that’s what it’s like now. I have written a book that I am satisfied with, that the early readers say they really like and I know exactly who my reading audience is.

So I’m putting all my skills to work to reach that audience directly, bypassing the major publishers who can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’.

Have you ever thought of buying a book in the hairdressing salon you go to? Probably not, but my hairdresser Kelly has agreed to take some copies to sell to her clients, on commission of course. This is business after all.

So I’ll keep you updated on the success of my unorthodox marketing methods. In my opinion, wherever my target market gather in numbers, that’s where my book will be …… over the coming months, I’ll let you know if that strategy works!

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