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The House of Secrets: Belleville Family saga Book 1: Over 350 Kindle downloads ….

Well, I had over 350 Kindle downloads of my book during my FREE period.

I don’t know whether that’s good (good numbers) or bad (because I don’t get any $$$). Still, I want people to read my book. In fact you can see it all for free at this link – but I think it needs patience to read it in this version.

Now, the other big news is that …. no, I haven’t been offered a big contract …… I decided to re-design the cover. I wasn’t happy with it because my book is a family saga/romance and the cover looked a little spooky, so my graphic designer is working on it.

A new cover should appear in a day or so. It is going to be very very different. …….

But if you can’t wait for the new look –  the content will be the same. You can buy it from – link here

I’m still working away at my day job ….. where I am a publisher (but in the magazine world).

#Books #JMaryMasters #TheHouseofSecrets

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