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What I did today instead of writing

So, today I received this very nice email from a reader who is looking forward in anticipation to reading books 2 & 3 of my Belleville family saga.

The email came completely out of the blue, so to speak, praising The House of Secrets: Julia’s Story.

So I had great plans to settle down and get some words under my belt today.

Now, there are many distractions on the road to completing a novel, not the least of which is deciding to

  1. give my website an overhaul

  2. organise the disorganised files on my computer relating to the first book

  3. think about all the social media I should continue to do

and of course finally

  1. what will we have for dinner tonight!

Is that enough excuses to be going on with?

The next book in the series is all in my head, of course, and just has to be committed to the screen (that’s my story anyway).

But, hey, I’ve promised book 2 for 2016 and just four days in, I’m not backing away from that. It will be done.

How nice to get an email praising my fine quality writing. I just hope the next book lives up to expectations.

#Distractions #JMaryMasters #TheHouseofSecretsJuliasStory #Writing

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