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What’s next? To Love, Honour & Betray


What’s next? Well I’ve been busy writing Book 2 of my Belleville family series.

It will be entitled ‘To Love, Honour & Betray’ ……… but that’s all I am saying at this stage.

Sometimes I find writing just flows, other times it’s a challenge, but I remember that old adage about just getting it written. It’s always possible to revise pedestrian prose but it’s impossible to revise a blank page. When I finish a chapter, I tend to print it out and read it in bed, with a pencil to mark up the obvious bloopers.

Last week I was surprised by my colleagues at my day job giving me a framed copy of the cover of my first novel (see picture), for my birthday. Not saying which birthday, by the way. That was a nice surprise, totally unexpected and a lovely gesture.

I hear so many stories about difficult and unrewarding workplaces, it’s nice to be able to say that my small office in Brisbane is very friendly with good people to work with.

That’s all from me for now ….. back to the grindstone.

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